Volunteer Information Posted November 1, 2013 by newyearsfireworks


Dear Fire & Ice volunteer,

                   On behalf of the entire Flourish Children’s Foundation, we thank you for requesting to to help at our Fire and Ice Festival on Dec 31, 2015, at the South West YMCA field. Your help is essential to making this event a success!  You will find different opportunities to help us, with time slots, attire, directions, etc… If you have any questions, please email Laurie Porter at Lporter@catholiccharitiesgainesville.org or call 352-224-6442. Thank you again and we look forward working with you.

Thank you!

Different shifts available

We have 3 different work shifts available for volunteers. Each shift/position is listed below along with a general description. The following pages will provide details about each individual job. You can work more than one shift if you would like, but we appreciate any capacity of help that is selected.

Shift A: This shift is from 11:00 am – 1:30pm.  The volunteers in this shift will be setting up and opening the event

Shift B:  This shift is starts at 1:30 p.m. and will end at 6:30 pm. The volunteers in this shift will be working the event.

Shift C, This shift starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 7:30 pm. The volunteers in this shift will be helping to break down the event.


  • We ask that people who volunteer for this shift B stay for the entire five hours. Volunteers will be assigned to a specific area. Consequently, it is important that each volunteer can stay for the entire time of this shift. We will rotate positions as needed.
    Dress Code:  We ask that the volunteers for this shift to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. If you are planning to work the ice attractions please bring warm gloves. You will be given an Event T-Shirt to wear for identification. 


    For each of the shifts, we will provide both water and snacks. We will also provide 2 slices of Pizza for you to eat before or after your time slot.


    If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns, please contact:

    Laurie Porter, development coordinator
    Email: Lporter@catholiccharitiesgainesville.org
    Phone: 352-372-0294

    We thank you again for your help with this years Fire and Ice Festival. Your hard work and time commitment will help us make this event a success! Thank you again and have a great day.